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Beatles Fancy DressEverybody knows the influence that The Beatles had on the music industry in the Sixties. What is sometimes forgotten is the influence they also had on the fashion scene at the time as well.

Beatles fancy dress comes in all styles from the clean cut image from their early days, right up to their hippy stage towards the end of the decade.

Below I have picked out some of my favourite examples of Beatles fancy dress costumes, any of which will make a great New Year’s Eve fancy dress outfit.

Adult British Invasion 60s Costume

Adult British Invasion 60s Costume

Adult British Invasion 60s Costume

This Beatles fancy dress outfit consists of a grey sixties-style jacket with black buttons and lapel, together with a matching pair of trousers.

Sizes for these Beatles fancy dress costumes are as follows:

* Medium: Chest Size 40″ to 42″
* Large: Chest Size 44″ to 46″

As well as getting the must-have Black Bargain Beatles Wig, you may also want to consider purchasing the Inflatable Rock Guitar, which is a fun accessory for any rock band based costume.

Click on the image for a look at the Adult British Invasion 60s costume

Beatles 60s John Lennon Kit

Beatles 60's John Lennon Kit

Beatles 60’s John Lennon Kit

This is the ideal accessory for any John Lennon fancy dress costume.

The JOHN LENNON style kit includes:

* A short layered black wig

* Purple-tinted round spectacles (although the colour may vary if out of stock to green, red, or yellow)

* A 60’s-style black self adhesive moustache

Click on the image for a look at the Beatles 60’s John Lennon Kit

Red Sergent Pepper Costume

Red Sergent Pepper Costume

Red Sergent Pepper Costume

These Beatles fancy dress costumes consist of a red jacket in a lightweight man-made fabric, which is open at the front with Velcro closing.

The Beatles fancy dress jacket is decorated with gold braid and button detail, as well as attached fringed epaulettes. The outfit also comes with matching trousers.

I definitely recommend that you consider purchasing the 70s Black Wig to complete the desired look, which is a short straight black wig that frames the face nicely.

If you are going for the John Lennon look, then you’ll also need to buy some Round Shaped Glasses of course.

Click on the image for a look at the Red Sergent Pepper Costume

If you don’t fancy any of the Beatles fancy dress outfits above, then be sure to check out a wider range in our Rock Star Fancy Dress Costumes section.