Cleopatra Fancy Dress Costumes


Egyptian Fancy Dress OutfitsCleopatra fancy dress costumes have something of the mystique about them, which plays a big part in making them such a sexy type of costume.

By far the most well known type of any Egyptian fancy dress outfits, the Cleopatra costume comes in a few different styles and price ranges, but I believe the luxury outfit below is just about the best value Cleopatra fancy dress costume currently on the market.

Egyptian Fancy Dress OutfitsDeluxe Queen Of The Nile

Coming from San Diego, USA these exclusive elite quality Cleopatra fancy dress costumes use fine fabrics and trim to create a beautifully detailed and professionally finished garment.

The Egyptian fancy dress outfits include a split front satin gown, a sequin belt with an attached puff print apron, a puff print collar and a sequin and jewelled head-piece.

There are some great accessories available to help make you up to look the part, like the long black Cleopatra Wig with its straight cut fringe and some stunning Deluxe Egyptian Nails, which are reusable press-on nails with glitter and gem stones.

Other accessories you may want to consider are the Asp Armband and a pair of Cleopatra Snake Earrings. However, the must have accessory for all Egyptian fancy dress outfits are the Female Grecian Sandals, which will help make your costume look really authentic.

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