DIY Halloween Costumes


DIY Halloween Costumes are a new range of outfits based around simple costumes with various DIY fancy dress ideas using accessories.

There has always been a dilemma with many fancy dress enthusiasts as to whether to purchase a costume or to make an outfit yourself. Apart from the obvious trade off between cost and time, there is also the originality factor. Many party goers believe that a home-made outfit will be unique on the night. Now thankfully, there is at last a middle ground via DIY fancy dress costumes.

Below we take a look at some great DIY halloween costume ideas that we believe will be perfect at this year’s party.

DIY Fancy Dress IdeasHorror Army Soldier Costume

This DIY Halloween costume is an easy to wear, lightweight outfit with a Camo print.

Based around a single breasted jacket that has practical buttons and an elasticated waistband for the trousers, these DIY Halloween outfits also come with a matching peaked cap.

As these are Halloween DIY costumes they do not come ripped, as it is up to you to achieve your unique look, using the various recommended accessories.

Click the image for a look at the Horror Army Soldier outfit

DIY Halloween Costumes For WomenHorror Alice Girl Costume

These awesome Horror Alice Girl Costume really are great DIY fancy dress ideas for women, which are based around the infamous traditional blue apron dress that is printed with a playing card design.

The DIY Halloween costumes for women also come with a bow fitted onto an Alice-band and a pair of printed stockings, but please note that the outfit is not ripped or used in any way, it is up to you to Do It Yourself.

Click the image for a look at the Alice Girl outfit

DIY Halloween CostumeHorror E.R. Doctor Costume

We have saved the best of the DIY fancy dress costume ideas to last with these Horror E.R. Doctor outfits.

The DIY Halloween costumes are based around a shirt with a motif pattern printed on the front pocket, fabric face mask that ties up, a pair of elasticated waist trousers and a stethoscope.

The must-have accessory is of course the novelty chainsaw, which is available as an accessory.

Click the image for a look at the E.R. Doctor outfit

If you would like to see some more DIY fancy dress ideas then check out the DIY Fancy Dress section of the website.