Halloween Morphsuits


Morphsuits Halloween – Without doubt the UK fancy dress craze that is sweeping the nation this Halloween is the morphsuit.

If you are brave enough to wear one of these figure hunting outfits then there is a great selection of different Halloween Morphsuits to choose from, which are just perfect to take the kids Trick or Treating in.

Vampire Morphsuits

Adult Morphsuit ® DRACULA

The first of the Halloween morphsuits that we will look at is the Official Dracula Morphsuit ®, which is guaranteed to turn heads at this year’s Halloween party.

These vampire morphsuits are predominently black on the torso with both a red and white Count Dracula detailing.

Meanwhile, the arms and the head are in white, with mouth and fang detail on the face.

Click on the image for a closer look at the DRACULA Morphsuit

PUMPKIN MorphsuitsAdult Official Morphsuit ® PUMPKIN

The Official Pumpkin Morphsuit ® is another awesome looking Halloween morphsuit and has a wonderfully sinister pumpkin design, which features a scary pumpkin face.

The Halloween morphsuits are primarily orange in colour with various vines, spider webs and rope detail for added effect.

Click the image for a look at the PUMPKIN Morphsuits

Black Skeleton MorphsuitsAdult Official Morphsuit ® Black Skeleton

Another great and original outfit for this year’s Halloween party is a skeleton Morphsuit.

There are three different types of skeleton morphsuits to choose from, but our personal favourite is this limited edition Official Skeleton Morphsuit ® in black that has silver printed bones.

These black skeleton morphsuits just look awesome and are the perfect outfit to wear to the Halloween party this year.

Click on the image for a closer look at the Black Skeleton Morphsuits


Another great Halloween morphsuit is the Official Frankenstein Morphsuit ®, which features a great looking monster face.

These morphsuits Halloween costumes are based around a green suit that features muscle tissue, bloody guts and also a stitching print detail for that extra gruesome effect.

Click for a look at the FRANKENSTEIN Morphsuit

Green Witches MorphsuitsGreen Witch Morphsuit

What would Halloween be without witches fancy dress costumes and there are two different types of witches morphsuit to choose from, a purple witch morphsuit and this wonderful looking green witch morphsuit.

These green witches morphsuits are based around a green and black outfit that includes a wonderful green and black striped stocking detail.

Click on the image for a closer look at these Green Witch Morphsuits

Zombie MorphsuitZombie Morphsuit

Perhaps the scariest of all of the Halloween morphsuits currently available is that of the creepy looking zombie morphsuit.

These gruesome looking zombie morphsuits is based around a black suit that has blood splat details throughout and grey arms and a grey face with a sinister zombie detail.

Click on the image for a closer look at these Zombie Morphsuits

Mummy MorphsuitsMummy Morphsuit

We have saved our favourite Halloween morphsuit to last with the simply marvellous mummy morphsuit.

These mummy morphsuits are based around a convincing looking wrapped bandage detail, which makes the perfect outfit to go Trick or Treating in this Halloween.

Click the image for a look at the Mummy Morphsuits

If none of the above Halloween Morphsuits are quite what you are looking for you, then make sure you check out the Morphsuits section of our website.