James Bond Fancy Dress Ideas

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James Bond Fancy Dress Ideas – James Bond is one of the most well known of British heroes, so it is not surprising perhaps that James and other characters from the Ian Fleming books are popular as fancy dress outfits.

Below we look at a range of different James Bond characters fancy dress costumes:

Adult Secret Agent Costume

James Bond Characters Fancy Dress Costumes

These james bond fancy dress costumes are based around a black jacket that has faux buttons and fastens with Velcro and a pair of black trousers, which are elasticated at the waist band for comfort.

The fancy dress James Bond jacket includes a white shirt with collar with faux buttons and features padding in the shoulders, thus giving you that important powerful pose, which is of course essential for any secret agent.

The James Bond fancy dress outfits also come with a black bow tie, which is attached to the shirt and a smart and sleek red handkerchief that is attached to the jacket.

Click on the image for a closer look at the Adult Secret Agent Outfit

Fever Gold Catsuit

If you are looking for James Bond female characters fancy dress outfits then you will soon find out that unfortunately there are not currently that many about. Indeed, in our opinion the Fever Gold Catsuit is the best example of James Bond fancy dress women can find.

james bond fancy dress women

The glamorous, slinky and stretchy James Bond girls fancy dress outfit is based around a golden cat suit that has a little stand up collar and a zip on the front.

At the foot of these sexy looking James Bond girl fancy dress costumes are elastic stirrups to keep the stretchy golden outfit taught.

These are the perfect James Bond fancy dress ideas for women wanting to play at being Pussy Galore at the party and come highly recommended.

Click on the image for a closer look at the Fever Gold Catsuits

Adult Deluxe Baron Samedi Halloween Costume

For those of you looking for James Bond villains fancy dress costumes, you may be disappointed to know that again there currently aren’t that many about.

james bond baddies fancy dress

Certainly, popular characters such as Odd Job, Goldfinger and James Bond Jaws fancy dress costumes are not available, but their is one James Bond baddies fancy dress that does exist!

Based on the character from the film Live and Let Die, this deluxe version of the Baron Samedi Costume is a James Bond villain fancy dress outfit that is based around a pair of black trousers and a detailed black and white jacket with white cuffs and includes a realistic latex chest-piece that has organs and bones for that extra gore factor.

The blood curdling outfit also comes with a bone necklace and a black top hat that has a white trim, a white skull print and an attached black feather.

Click on the image for a closer look at the Deluxe Baron Samedi Halloween outfit

james bond theme fancy dressTuxedo Morphsuit

We have saved the best to last with a totally new type of James Bond fancy dress ideas for men. This year the 007 of choice may well be the James Bond morphsuit.

These James Bond morphsuits are based around a black tuxedo like body suit that has attached head, feet and gloves and can be worn with shoes.

The James Bond theme fancy dress costume is bound to make you stand out at the party and what’s more you can sip your shaken not stirred martinis through the material!

Click on the image for a closer look at the Tuxedo Morphsuits

If none of the above James Bond Fancy Dress outfits are quite what you are looking for, then check out the James Bond Fancy Dress Costumes section of our site.