Masquerade Fancy Dress

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Masquerade fancy dress costumes originate from the masquerade ball, an event that began in the 15th Century, where the participants attended in costume wearing a mask. Masquerade balls became popular with the general public in Italy during the 16th century Renaissance and were particularly popular in Venice. It is outfits from this period that most of the modern masquerade fancy dress outfits are based on.

Below we look at a selection of masquerade ball fancy dress costumes, which have a wonderfully eloquent quality about them.

masquerade ball fancy dressAdult Fever Baroque Fantasy Costume

The Adult Fever Baroque Fantasy Costume is a beautiful example of a masquerade ball fancy dress costume that is based around a short and sexy blue dress that has a decorative blue and gold corset.

The dress of this masquerade fancy dress outfit also has an overskirt, shimmering gold paniers and a pair of blue and gold sleeves.

All you need is a wig and a Venetian mask and you’ll be ready to go to the masquerade party.

Click on the image for a closer look at the Adult Fever Baroque Fantasy outfit

masquerade fancy dress costumesFever Baroque Outfit

The Fever Baroque Outfit is another classic example of a fancy dress masquerade outfit, recreating a bygone era in a dramatic style.

These masquerade fancy dress costumes are based around a black and silver grey satin fabric dress, which is trimmed with a variety of lace. A cameo brooch is also pinned to the bodice of these masquerade fancy dress outfits.

Please note that the outfit does not come with the wig, mask or stockings shown, but these are available separately.

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fancy dress masquerade ballAdult Peacock Masquerade Costume

The Adult Peacock Masquerade outfit are masquerade ball fancy dress costumes based around a short black halter-neck dress that have blue and green peacock feather patterned panels.

The fancy dress masquerade ball costume also comes with a pair of long black fingerless gloves and a black eye mask decorated with peacock feathers.

Finally, this great value masquerade fancy dress costume includes a matching bolero and a long black necklace.

Click on the image for a closer look at the Adult Peacock Masquerade outfit

If none of the masquerade fancy dress outfits above are quite what you are looking for, then make sure you check out the Masquerade Fancy Dress Costumes section of the website.