Pumpkin Fancy Dress Costume

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Pumpkin Fancy Dress – Pumpkins of course play a big part at Halloween and can range from being cute and cuddly, to extremely sinister. We believe that the Pumpkin fancy dress outfit below falls in the latter category and is also one of our favourite of all the different morphsuits currently out there.

The orange morphsuit has a pattern that includes a rope, splattered blood and a cobweb. It also incorporates an attached pumpkin head, feet and gloves with a green nail polish effect.

These pumpkin fancy dress outfits have a double ended zip that goes from the base of the spine right up to the top of the head.

If you are feeling brave enough to wear one, we reckon that this pumpkin fancy dress outfit will go down really well at the upcoming Halloween party!

Please note that as with all morphsuits, you are able to drink through the fabric, so the outfit should not get in the way of your partying!

Click on the image for a closer look at these pumpkin fancy dress costumes