Saint Andrew’s Day


Title: Saint Andrew’s Day
Date: 2009-11-30

Saint Andrews Fancy DressIf you are Scottish and are celebrating Saint Andrew’s Day properly then I believe you should wear your proper tartans to such an event.

However, what if it is just a small party that you and your friends have put together to celebrate Scotland’s patron saint and you want to wear something a little less formal, but still wish to look the part? If that is the case, then Scottish fancy dress is the way to go!

Adult Sexy Scottie Costume

Adult Sexy Scottie Costume

Adult Sexy Scottie Costume

The Adult Sexy Scottie Costume includes a short dress consisting of a low cut black and white top and a red tartan skirt.

These Scottish outfits also have a matching red tartan sash with loops

The super sultry Scottish fancy dress outfit is bound to turn heads on St. Andrew’s Day and includes a black belt with an attached sporran, as well as a black hat with red pom pom.

Shot glasses and a pair of socks with pom poms complete this sexy highlands look.

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Whats Under The Kilt

What's Under The Kilt

What’s Under The Kilt Costume

“What’s under the Kilt?”… Anyone who has worn a kilt to a ball, a wedding or a party will no doubt have heard this question many times from the ladies. Well, they will regret asking the question if you are wearing this humorous take on the traditional Scottish costume.

This hilarious Scottish fancy dress costume includes a tartan style hat, a white sleeved top with jabot and a red drape attached.

It also includes a tartan kilt with a black pouch that has “what’s under the kilt?” printed on it and a pair of matching traditional style socks.

Of course, what makes this Scottish fancy dress outfit distinctly different from any other costume is the massive manhood attachment. Don’t worry this is totally removable, if necessary!

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Adult School Shoes TARTAN

Adult School Shoes TARTAN

Adult School Shoes TARTAN

If you are female, then no matter what Scottish fancy dress outfit you end up choosing you will certainly want to consider buying these superb red tartan shoes.

These tartan school shoes come with an old buckle detail and 4 inch black heels and are available in sizes 3.5 to 7.5.

Click for a closer look at the Adult Tartan School Shoes

If you don’t see the type of Scottish fancy dress costume above that you would like to wear on St. Andrews Day, then be sure to check out a wider range of Scottish fancy dress outfits in our Burns Night Fancy Dress section.

If the above Scottish fancy dress costumes are not quite what you are looking for (or if any of them are out of stock or no longer available), then be sure to check out the Burns Night Fancy Dress section of our website.