Thanksgiving (United States)


Title: Thanksgiving (United States)
Date: 26th November, 2009

Thanksgiving fancy dressWhat’s that you say? What is a Thanksgiving post doing on a British fancy dress website? Well, this article is especially for all you American ex-pats living in the UK, as I know this is a very special holiday for you guys, and some of you may want to dress up to celebrate this occasion over this side of the pond. For the rest of you, here is a little history about what Thanksgiving is all about.

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the States on the fourth Thursday in November, where it has been a yearly tradition since 1863. Originally a religious observation to give thanks to God, it did not actually become a federal holiday until 1941.

It is a very special holiday in the US, where most American families celebrate together at home with a holiday feast. The traditional Thanksgiving meal includes turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and of course pumpkin pie.

The holiday’s origins are believed to date back as far as harvest festivals, which have been celebrated in many cultures since ancient times. However, the American holiday is mainly associated with the Thanksgiving meal between the English settlers and the Native Americans after a harsh winter at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

It was a celebration to give thanks to God and the Native Americans, who had helped the pilgrims survive the winter, by teaching them how to harvest foods. The first Thanksgiving lasted three days, providing enough food for 53 pilgrims and 90 Indians.

Thanksgiving fancy dress costumes are quite hard to come by in the UK, however, you can improvise. Victorian parlour maid costumes make good Puritan fancy dress outfits. Meanwhile, a Guy Fawkes hat makes for an awesome Pilgrim fancy dress hat.

Of course, you could go crazy and turn up to the Thanksgiving celebration in this hilarious Turkey fancy dress costume (which could get a second outing a month later at Christmas).

Our suggestion though is that you go to Thanksgiving as one of the people that are getting thanked, a Native Indian.

Adult Indian Maiden Costume

Adult Indian Maiden Costume

Adult Indian Maiden Costume

This Indian Maiden fancy dress costume is from a premier prestige quality range and is a beautifully crafted outfit that comprises of a slinky full-length corseted dress, which has a dual slit and feather trim. The Native Indian fancy dress outfit also comes with a feather headpiece.

The sizes for this beautiful costume are:

* Small: Dress Size 8 – 10
* Medium: Dress Size 12 – 14
* Large: Dress Size 16

Recommended accessories for the Indian Maiden Costume are the Women’s Native American Heels and a Feathered Tooth Choker, which is an ivory and brown feathered leather look tooth choker.

Click the image for a closer look at the Adult Indian Maiden Costume